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Latest "Smart Fertilizers TM" press release


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  • New product line under Smart Fertilizer patented products NPK 12-24-12+4(S)

  • New product lines under Smart Fertilizer patented products NPK 16-16-16+1(S); NPK 15-15-15+2(S)+1(B)

  • March 2017 - NPK Expert loaded 26 000 mt of fertilizers for cotton farming in Burkina Faso (Port of discharge Takoradi, Ghana)

  • Organic product line involves natural Baltic peat products, liquid humate fertilizers, and sapropel. All the products are intended for professional use.

  • NPK Expert in collaboration with Liepaja Port LM loaded the biggest vessel of packed cargo at Liepaja Port. Cargo volume is 18 750 tonnes of fertilizers. Destination - port of Cotonou, Benin.

  • March 2016 - NPK Expert loaded 21 000 mt of fertilizers for cotton farming in Chad (Port of discharge Douala, Cameroon)

  • April 2015 - NPK Expert production on the way to port of Conakry (16 485mt)

  • NPK Expert in cooperation with the international trading company CTEX (Commodity Trading Expert) participated in one of the largest Eastern European agriculture exhibition - AGRO EXPO 2015 held in Kiev, Ukraine, from 3 to 6 June 2015.

  • NPK Expert supports Africa Climate Resilient Infrastructure Summit (held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia April 27th to 29th) -