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  • LIAA un NPK Expert ir noslēdzis līgumu par dalību programmā "Izaugsme un nodarbinātība"

    2017. gada 18. augustā LIAA un NPK Expert ir noslēdzis līgumu par dalību programmā, "Izaugsme un nodarbinātība" pasākuma "Starptautiskās konkurētspējas veicināšanas" ietvaros.

  • March 2017 - NPK Expert loaded 26 000 mt of fertilizers for cotton farming in Burkina Faso (Port of discharge Takoradi, Ghana)

  • NPK Expert in cooperation with Alan Amron to seek possibilities of fertilizer export to consumer market in the USA

    Recent cooperation between Latvian fertilizer company NPK Expert and American inventor Alan Amron, created a new invention right here in Latvia that will bring an important change to agriculture worldwide. SMART FERTILIZERS TM is a combination of standard materials that surprisingly reveals unique results. Amron and Celajs have collaborated and filed two (2) United States patents in the US, therefore the inventions idea is still kept secret for the wider public. The inventors are now actively working to present the first prototypes of SMART FERTILIZERS TM to the US consumer market. 
    NPK Expert is a Latvian manufacturer of specialty fertilizer blends. The company's specialists have developed more than 230 fertilizer formulas for agriculture needs around the globe. Today NPK Expert is exporting its' products to more than 20 different countries worldwide. In 2015 the company had been awarded The Red Jackets prize for achievements in the field of export, and is listed among the 25 biggest Latvian exporters.
    "We feel that our product could be very interesting for consumers in the US who are seeking to improve their gardening and farming experience by using high quality fertilizers. We are grateful to the US Embassy in Latvia for the introduction to Mr. Alan Amron. This has been a very strong push for the company to focus on working also in the USA. Thanks to the talented and experienced Mr. Amron, we can effectively work on our end goals and we hope to see the first tangible results in the near future" Girts Celajs, CEO of NPK Expert
    On February 13th NPK Expert CEO Girts Celajs and his partner, American inventor Alan Amron will visit San Francisco and Atlanta, USA to discuss consumer grade fertilizer blends distribution in America, with the leading home improvement supply retailing companies.
    "Consumers in the US are very demanding about what products they agree to offer for sale, and we are convinced that the quality of the NPK Expert produced fertilizer blends can be very competitive in the US, therefore we have set up high entry level meetings to discuss the possibilities of introducing our new product to the US consumer market." Alan Amron
    It is also interesting to mention that on this working visit Ģirts Cēlājs and Alan Amron will be accompanied by a young talented student who will be exploring work in the field of export. NPK Expert provided this unique chance in the framework of Junior Achievement Latvia "Ēnu diena" - a day on which companies and government institutions in Latvia are encouraged to allow pupils to see the working day in the profession of their interest. In this way youngsters can formulate their choice of a future profession. Not to mention getting the opportunity of visiting America.

  • NPK Expert in collaboration with Liepaja Port LM loaded the biggest vessel of packed cargo at Liepaja Port. Cargo volume is 18 750 tonnes of fertilizers. Destination - port of Cotonou, Benin.

  • March 2016 - NPK Expert loaded 21 000 mt of fertilizers for cotton farming in Chad (Port of discharge Douala, Cameroon)

  • April 2015 - NPK Expert production on the way to port of Conakry (16 485mt)

  • NPK Expert in cooperation with the international trading company CTEX (Commodity Trading Expert) participated in one of the largest Eastern European agriculture exhibition - AGRO EXPO 2015 held in Kiev, Ukraine, from 3 to 6 June 2015.

  • NPK Expert supports Africa Climate Resilient Infrastructure Summit (held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia April 27th to 29th) -

    We, NPK EXPERT, are proud to be among many respectable sponsors of one of the most important events in Africa in 2015 - Africa Climate Resilient Infrastructure Summit - ACRIS that will take place in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from 27th to 29th April. The event is organised by Entico Events Ltd. in cooperation with the African Union Commission (AUC) and will host over 90 Ministers and 500 delegates.
    We are happy that our products have proven their quality also in Africa's agriculturulal sector, therefore we feel it is very important to support events that are aimed at assisting African Union Member States in preparing for and implementing measures related to resilient infrastructures in their respective countries, as well as in developing and strengthening local, regional and international cooperation in Agriculture & Food Security, as well as other important fields such as ICT, Energy, Water, and Transport Infrastructure.